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LoboAlerts emergency text messaging system
The UNM wireless network is brought to you through a generous gift from Nusenda Credit Union.
MyUNM Regular Maintenance
MyUNM will go down for maintenance every night between 2 and 3am. Anyone logged in during that time will need to log in again.
Phishing Alert
UNM Information Technologies will NEVER ask for your password in an email. NEVER click on any link in an email that asks for your confidential information, or you will most likely provide someone with access to your UNM account.
UNM IT is proud to announce the release of MyUNM 2.0 this Spring 2016 semester!
MyUNM 2.0 is a redesign of MyUNM. The redesign comes with a new user interface that works with both desktop and mobile devices. It also adds many features intended to promote the community's involvement via customization and personalization. Some of the new and notable features include:
Do you have a hard time finding what you are looking for on UNM online? LoboApps is the answer. LoboApps is a new way to search for and use UNM's online services by adopting the popular app-store model that Apple's App Store and Google Play are known for. UNM's online services are "appified" into apps in Lobo Apps, which are fully indexed and searchable. Search, click, use — it's as simple as that.
My Home
The dashboard and tabs that MyUNM is known for are completely redesigned from the ground up. With MyUNM 2.0, the dashboard and tabs that you are used to are now much easier to customize. You can change many things about your dashboard and tabs, including background, colors, and even adding new elements (widgets) to your tabs from the ones available in Lobo Apps.
Community Source
This is a new feature that we are exploring. With the introduction of LoboApps, it will soon be possible for UNM departments, faculty, staff, and students to publish developed content to LoboApps that can be searched for and used by other members of the UNM community. The primary goal of this initiative is to leverage the power of Lobo Apps to make it much easier for the UNM community to promote and share developed content.
MyUNM 2.0 is in the final phase of development and planned to be available near the end of February 2016. A public preview version of MyUNM v2.0 is available at my-beta.unm.edu. We invite you to log in, make yourself at home, and send us feedback (with the Feedback button at the bottom of the screen) on what works or does not work for you, and how we can continue to improve your experience with MyUNM.
In addition to the release of the public preview of MyUNM v2.0, we also have walk-in focus group sessions scheduled for the public to meet with the development team and provide immediate feedback. All are welcome to attend these focus groups at the following dates and times:
- February 12, Friday, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. at UNM SUB, LoboLab Classroom
- February 17, Wednesday, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. at Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, Room 226
- February 19, Friday, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. at UNM SUB, LoboLab Classroom
Note to Group Studio Users
If you are using Group Studio in MyUNM today, please follow the instructions below to request a Microsoft SharePoint site. Group Studio in MyUNM is succeeded by Microsoft SharePoint, an enterprise collaboration platform that provides features that are much better suited for teamwork. Please follow the instructions below to request a Microsoft SharePoint site:
  1. Log in to Help.UNM
  2. Click Make a Request
  3. Click Web and Collaboration Services
  4. Click Collaboration Site Request
  5. Under Category drop-down list, select SharePoint
  6. Fill in the other fields with information appropriate to your request
MyUNM 2.0 is just one of the many projects UNM IT has planned to bring the latest, safest, and most efficient technology to our users. With your ongoing feedback and support we will strive to continuously upgrade our services and products with your recommendations in mind.

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